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~ What Karen's clients and colleagues have to say about the services she provides ~

There are no words to describe how good this lady is. Two years of on-going neck pain alleviated in just two sessions. Something I would never have imagined. Karen’s explanation of my neck MRI was so easy to understand and even with a “disc bulge”, I am symptom free. Can’t recommend her enough.
— Pauline Geraghty
You’re gifted with a talent that the world needs more of, the ability to truly listen. I just felt safe to share everything that was bothering me. No hiding what was uncomfortable. No fixing. No hurrying. Even when you were quietly holding my head, I still knew you were listening
— Claire - Cranial Treatment
Karen’s attention to detail is second to none. Throughout my treatment, I knew to trust her 100% and I can say that after having low back pain for the past 5 years, I am now like a new woman. She speaks with such enthusiasm and expertise which blows me away.

If you are in pain....go see this girl.
— Maeve Ryder
My treatment process with Karen was one which was so thought provoking and opened my eyes to an holistic approach to sports injuries and rehabilitation. After suffering numerous knee injuries and surgeries and lengthy spells of rehabilitation, I came across Karen and she aided me in successfully returning to my sport.

Karen’s work with me changed my view entirely on my situation and through her meticulous and in-depth analysis of my injury and medical history , she gave me a renewed sense of confidence in my knees which allowed me to develop at my sport.

Throughout the treatment, she alleviated my pain symptoms and also helped me to utilise my body in the most efficient way possible, which I had been unable to do.
She went beyond the work of any therapist I had ever been to and with the aid of her in-depth knowledge of the “Anatomy in Motion” principles, I seen myself improve week on week.

I learned so much through my treatment process and gained a large appreciation for the human body, anatomy itself, and the relationship that previous injuries/traumas can and were having on myself.
Karen is a gifted therapist and her ability to view the body as a whole and in turn, treat appropriately is something I have never experience before. Her knowledge of the human body is so impressive and he ability to simplify this knowledge and relate it to the patient is tremendous.
— Derek D